A little more about Brianna

Brianna Bell was born in the late 1980's in Toronto, Ontario. She was raised by her mother and Maltese immigrant grandparents in Brampton, Ontario. As a child she always had her nose in a book, or a pencil in her hand. She grew up reading classics like I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith (a personal favourite), and the trending new Harry Potter series (she told everyone that Harry was her boyfriend in Grade 5).

Brianna attended an arts high school and majored in Drama, she was also an Ontario Scholar upon graduation. She went on to study Communications, Labour Studies, and Religion at McMaster University in Hamilton, where she graduated with a B.A.

Brianna married her best friend in 2011, and together they've lived all over the GTA, and eventually settled in their beloved city of Guelph. They have three daughters and are active members of their community. Brianna has participated as an artist at Art of The Cross, and has volunteered in her children's school, and her local church. She is also an active mentor to other aspiring female writers and journalists throughout Canada and The United States.

In 2015 Brianna helped to launch the online newspaper GuelphToday, and worked as a freelance journalist writing local news for four years. She also contributed to her weekly column, Mom of the House, until deciding to move on in 2019 to focus on new writing projects. Brianna now focuses on telling stories in major national newspapers and outlets, and typically writes about mental health, parenting, and personal finance.

Brianna is currently working on a memoir, while also balancing freelance life, family life, and community service.